I Made These Up - short stories for the fireside


Short stories for the fireside (or wherever you have your e-reader). A diverse variety of humour, historical, murder, ghost, sentimental, adventure, and even a bit naughty - there is sure to be something to entertain you. There are even two BONUS read-aloud stories for children.

These stories have been published previously in magazines or newspapers. Some are adapted from chapters in But Can You Drink The Water? and some also appear in Something to Read on the Plane.


A ‘Tail’ of Woe.

Frank planned a quiet afternoon of model aeroplane building. But unfortunately he failed to take his father-in-law into account.

Proof of the Pudding.

The residents of Ladysmith were eager to escape before the town was besieged. Albert Swinbourne, however, had other plans.

The Tryst

He tried nibbling her ear. He wasn’t sure whether he should be licking, nibbling, or kissing it. Even after re-watching a movie he still hadn’t been able to make out the exact technique.

One Little Pig Stayed at Home.

When the young troopie was offered room and board in exchange for some light work, he thought his luck had changed.

The Secret.

Jenny wasn’t expecting to meet an old school friend, especially one who would revive memories best forgotten.


As the Spitfire soared into the air Bill wanted to impress his grandson, but would the old man’s nerves hold out?

A Matter of Convenience

Family holidays were not the happy events they had once been, especially now that Walter’s bladder had become a liability.

The Letter.

The two buddies were living and working together out in the sticks, and they were beginning to set each other’s teeth on edge. Then one of them made a very weird suggestion…

Night Noises.

Strange, the fascination and peculiar power of a man’s imagination; the terrors the silent darkness can hold. And who knows the tormented imaginings of those who have been led down the deep dark path of insanity...?

Reluctant Reunion

Pauline’s old school-friend, a slim, glamorous divorcee - who just happened to be an old flame of Pauline’s husband – was coming home to Liverpool to visit. Pauline wasn’t looking forward to it one bit.

Poste Haste.

Frank heaved a sigh of relief when his wife’s relatives went home. Little did he know his troubles were just beginning.

The Waiting Chalice

The she-fox had been biding her time. Finally the wait was over.

Grandfather’s Dream

Sipho set out to fulfil his Grandfather’s dream, and in doing so learnt the power of imagination.

Light’s Out

Tom enjoyed his job, even if it was a bit boring and predictable. He liked the routine, and today was going to be just another ordinary day...

Family Ties

Mavis had been so sure of where her heart lay, but now ‘home’ had a new definition.


The Worried Little Christmas Tree

The little plastic Christmas tree thought no one wanted him, until he found an unexpected home.

Waldo and the Leather Thing

Waldo didn’t want to wear anything round his neck, but he soon found the importance of wearing a collar.


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