Would You Rather Be in the Coffin Than Give the Eulogy? how to take the terror out of public speaking and advance your career and social network



The ability to speak in public is probably the most rewarding skill you will ever learn. It will not only improve your career prospects, but it will also boost your self-confidence at social functions (you may never become the life and soul of the party, but at least you won’t have to remain a wallflower!) 












 Have you ever:


·         Been nervous about a promotion because it involved public speaking?

·         Been afraid to speak up in meetings?

·         Turned down an invitation to speak at your garden club or similar (or choked horribly in the attempt)?

·         Been unsure about proposing a toast, or introducing and thanking a speaker? 



 Then you will benefit from the tips and guidelines in this book. Self-confidence comes from knowing the correct way of doing things - and how to avoid the pitfalls.


As you advance in your career you might be expected to:

·         Give presentations

·         Deliver farewell speeches

·         Compere functions

·         Do media interviews

·         And yes, give eulogies. 

This book provides a step-by-step guide for giving these, and many other speeches, with examples that show you what to do, what not to do – and what can go hilariously wrong! (Some things can only be learned by experience.)

Jan Hurst-Nicholson has used her 35-year involvement in public speaking training, and her experiences giving talks at numerous events and organisations, to compile this practical guide. Uniquely geared towards the average person who does not aspire to become a professional speaker, (although there’s good stuff for them as well) but merely wants practical advice on speaking in public, (don’t drink anything fizzy before a speech) it is packed with meaty information that provides the tools for a better, confident you. Use them and you will soon have those butterflies flying in formation – and it might even change your life.



*Makes a great graduation gift.

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