Meet the Main Characters


Leon Chameleon



Leon is the Sherlock Holmes of Pigeon Valley. His camouflage allows him to conceal himself, and his eyes, which enable him to look backwards and forwards at the same time, make him the best PI in the valley. He is thoughtful and ponderous and quite intelligent. He follows in the footsteps of his Great Uncle Leonardo who was also a PI. He spots the clues well before the police, but his problem is trying to persuade the police to take his advice, especially Sergeant Loerie with whom he is always squabbling. But once he gains their confidence he feels under pressure to come up with the answers that will solve the crimes. He has to live up to the expectations of Constable Mole who is always assuring everyone how clever Leon is. Leon’s constant references to his Great Uncle Leonardo drive everyone to distraction

Sergeant Loerie.


Sergeant Loerie is in charge of the Flying Squad.

He is a rather bumptious ‘I knew that’ type. He tends to rush into things without first thinking them through. He likes to be in charge and takes exception when Leon gives the orders. Whenever he thinks his authority is being usurped he fans his purple crest to show his importance. He is constantly squabbling with Leon.

Constable Mole.


Constable Mole is in charge of Underground Operations.

He is Dr Watson to Leon’s Sherlock Holmes. He is bumbling but well-intentioned. He keeps disappearing in the middle of cases to chase worms and claims he can think better when he is underground. He wears his sunglasses when above ground. He has great confidence in Leon and his detective skills and tries to keep the peace between Leon and Sgt. Loerie.

Lieutenant Crow.


Lieutenant Crow is in charge of the Pigeon Valley Police.

She is the bird-world Margaret Thatcher. She struts about importantly, but is fair and ready to listen to both sides of a story. She frequently puts Sgt Loerie in his place when he complains about Leon interfering in police cases

Spotted Eagle Owl.


Spotted Eagle Owl is the judge – the Beak - in the Pigeon Valley Court. She eyes everyone suspiciously with large half-closed eyes. She is respected and feared by the creatures of the valley as most of them are part of her diet.


House Rat.


House Rat is both villain and hero. He is likely to rob and steal and lie his way out of trouble. He has to be bribed to help out. When crossed, he threatens the other creatures with his sharp teeth. He likes to live in a mess and his nest is made of straw, old sweet papers and bits of rubbish. He is a very wary animal and anything new is investigated from a distance first, chiefly by sniffing it out.

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